Those pools are a hidden gem, it is a little hidden oasis. There are 4 different thermal pools surrounded by plenty of shade and you can also go down to the river that flows right next to the pools which is nice and cool to rinse off.

The family who owns the land is lovely, they have a nice little restaurant where you will enjoy a delicious typical meal with a cold beer or a soda. They have bathrooms/change rooms available, as well as lots of parking space.
Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. The only downside would be the road that go in, it can be very rough in some spots.

This place is unusual for this part of the country. Overall the experience is an adventure because you have to drive about 10 km over some typically bad country roads to get there.

Don’t expect dramatic springs or flowing hot water, but the place is cool and relaxing with much shade. You can spend a memorable day here among congenial hosts and other adventuresome travelers. Places like this deserve our support, this family is providing a touristic destination in a down home atmosphere.

Only 2 hours away from Los Sueños Resort. Great for families and adventurous people… Take a look of how Costa Rica really looks like!!

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