Miro ruins, Jaco beach

Hidden on the far south end of Jaco Beach, a secret spot awaits for you.

Here, you can find the stunning Miro Ruins. Those are characterized by it’s amazing white arches and pillars. Although you are able to see them from the actual beach, not many know that you can actually hike up here for a crazy beautiful panoramic view!

The hike up is quite steep, however you will be distracted by the beautiful views and possibly even wildlife you can meet on the way. Monkeys, parrots and even macaws; you will be amazed by the area’s beautiful flora and fauna. About halfway there, you will come to a rest stop that has some of the ruins’ characteristic arches. This is a great place to stop and get hydrated, as the climate here tends to get pretty hot and humid.

After some more hiking, you will finally arrive to the impressive Miro ruins! It is said that this structure was initially intended to be a hotel or a mansion built by a very wealthy man who wanted to have view of the entire Jaco coastline. However, the structure was never completed and was abandoned to become the ruins you see today. Although the structure is far from finished, the massive balcony with its three stories of white pillars is far more than impressive! And what’s even more extraordinary is the view you get from here! Simply by standing on the balcony, you will be able to appreciate the breathtaking view of the 2.5 mile long Jaco beach!

Sunsets are particularly amazing to see from up here. So make sure you bring your camera and maybe a drink or two!

On your next visit to Jaco Beach, make sure to visit this great hidden spot!

Note: the trail is 100% free but if you need transportation and a guide we can provide the service for a minimum of 2 people for $30 each.