Our best partners to explore this tropical paradise: our beloved Costa Rica. We are a small local tour company focused on natural history trips around this tiny piece of land.

Founded by biologists and passionate naturalists, we guarantee a deep, accurate approach to the ecology of our tropical environments and the true culture of our people. Always operating with sustainability as our working axis, we promote Rural-Communitary Tourism, as a tool to enhance local economy and protect natural resources.

Marcelo and Tomás, two Costa Rican biologists with a strong passion for the understanding and protection of tropical environments, as well as sharing the scientific information with people. Our academic formation gave us an insight of the complexity around natural resources management and their conservation. Also, gave us a big knowledge of the country’s wildlife and ecosystems.

We have joined with other biologists, nature guides, and passionate naturalists along the way, coming up with a very specialized and professional working team. Together we will do our best to fulfill each visitor’s expectations in the Costa Rica Experience.