White water rafting, can I do it?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions and I have some good news for you, most people can!

Our advice?

First, find a reputable company that you can trust.

Second, and (I believe) more importantly, know your capability. Although rafting is super fun and it can create amazing memories for life the bottom line is, not everybody can handle it.

Here are some important question to ask yourself before making your decision. Can you handle what the tour demands from you? Are you comfortable with highly demanding physical activity? Are you a good swimmer?

Piko and I have done rafting many times in several rivers around the country and we can tell you from experience that things can get rough even on what seems to be perfect conditions and in the company of the best guides. Rafts can turn, river currents and levels can change, rocks can move, people can fall off the raft, etc… The downside? Most of this cannot always be prevented.

Considering all of the above, knowing and assessing your own ability is key before making your decision.
This principle actually applies to pretty much all tours. Being aware of what you enjoy and what you can handle is the best tool for having a good time while doing adventure tours in Costa Rica.

I hope this info was valuable to you.
See you in the water!

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