In our country we are known for the warmth of our people, for the breathtaking beauty of our landscapes, our pleasant climate all year-round, our consolidated system of protected areas, our social and political stability, its high level of education and efficiency and quality of all services.

All this in a territory that covers only 0.03% of the planet which has approximately 6% of the global biodiversity in an area of 51 000 square kilometers, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.

For Pikotravel, it’s a pleasure to welcome you in our country! Allow us to help, guide and advise you as well as to make you feel safe, just like home.


About Us

Pikotravel is a small, ONLINE, family owned business based in Herradura, Costa Rica since 2010. Managed by a costarrican couple with a love for dogs, nature and traveling we take pride in our personalize and honest customer service.

Our services are available everyday and we do not have a physical location, tents or sales agents, we rely on emails or phone calls for reservations. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and it is the main reason that weve decided to maintain the simplicity of our business, this allows us to have a more “hands on” approach.

Thank you for trusting and choosing us, we couldn’t be happier to welcome you into the Pikotravel family!

-Lindsay and Piko.


Pikotravel warning for Los Sueños Marriot guests.

Before booking a tour, giving info or money to someone that offers you tours or activities at the beach area in front of the Hotel Marriot, make sure you do your homework first.

You will find people ready to rip you off so be extra careful.  Look for real reviews, websites or something that indicates you are dealing with and honest business.


Cancellations must be informed 24 hours before the tour.

Transportation and tours cannot be booked without a security deposit.



Taking the low tourism traffic in Costa Rica during the month of August into consideration, we take this time to rest and enjoy a yearly family vacation.

This year, we will be taking an international trip starting August 11th and will be back in bussines on August 31st so we will be unable to make bookings for such dates. 

However, our email WILL be available everyday of the month for clients interested in arranging services for upcoming dates, we will check our inbox daily and get back to you ASAP.

We apologize in advance to anyone interested in using services during this period of time, we wish you a very happy vacation.

Pura vida always!

-Lindsay, Piko and Malakay.