Private yoga

Are you looking to deepen your personal practice of asana, breath work and meditation, or do you simply prefer a guided practice for yourself and your group? If so, a private yoga class with our instructor might be just what you need.

Ale Yoga is a unique method. Her teaching style is evidence of her continuous education, dedication, and passion. She integrates traditional yoga teachings with movement techniques to provide a safe and profound experience with a sense of humour and humility. Alejandra’s vision is to provide serious students and aspiring teachers with tools to find the unique expression of themselves through their practice or teaching.

The benefits of a private session are many including:

• Focusing on your personal goals for your yoga practice
•Diving deeper into specific techniques
• Overcoming health concerns
• Developing a plan for your at home practice

All private yoga classes last 60 minutes unless an alternative duration is requested.

Service is available for private houses of Los sueños Resort.

Price 1-2 people: $120. Each extra person $25.