Los Chorros Waterfalls

Located around 2 hours away from Los Sueños, these magnificent cascades hurl water from about 40 meters above into the pool in front of you! The power is so forceful that a misty breeze hits you right in the face when you approach. Normally a short hike along the riverbed brings you from the first to the second waterfall. Accessing the first waterfall is an easy 15-25 minute hike through a steep, but well maintained, private dirt road. The trail continues on relatively flat but can get slippery because of rocks and tree roots. There are also a few muddy steps along the way, but nothing too difficult. There are several places to sit and enjoy the sunshine or a snack. The water is chilly, but definitely warm enough to swim in. 

  • Hours of operation: 8:30 am pick up advised. 
  • Duration: approximately 5-6+ hours from pick up to drop off.
  • Difficulty: medium/hard. There is a good amount of walking and movement involved, the steps to/from the waterfall are very steep so this activity is not advised for people who may find this challenging. Please consider the physical condition of the participants before booking and during your tour.
  • What to bring: Dry-fit clothing, extra clothing, swimsuit, tennis or water shoes to walk in the river.
  • Restrictions: no pregnant women, children as young as 5 years can join the tour under the parents acknowledgement of the possible limitations and complications of outdoor activities with younger participants. All waterfall tours include hiking and physical activity, please consider this before booking and during the tour.
  • Days of operation: everyday. Email us to check availability.
  • Includes: private driver/guide, waterfall visit, lunch, private transportation.
  • Price: $150 per person, minimum 2 people. Email us for pricing for groups of 3+ people.
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