Starbucks coffe farm

Here in Costa Rica, at the foot of a spectacular volcano, something magical is taking place — something much bigger than coffee. Hacienda Alsacia is Starbucks’s first and only coffee farm. We came here to work the soil, learn from the land and channel our passion into positive change. Now we invite you to rediscover coffee through the human experience. Once you visit, you too have ownership in its future. The high-quality coffee so many of us love is getting harder and harder to grow. Especially for the small farmers that make up the majority of the world’s producers. They’re dealing with rising production costs, weather change and diseases like coffee rust that can devastate an entire crop. To better understand these challenges, and how to help these farmers, Starbucks put itself in their shoes. In 2013, the company bought its first coffee farm: Hacienda Alsacia in Costa Rica. The mission of the farm isn’t to supply Starbucks with coffee. It’s to help ensure the future of coffee — for everyone. Experience the miraculous journey of coffee at the immersive Visitor Center. Get a hands-on look at a working tree nursery, wet mill, drying patio and roaster. See what we’re doing to empower farmers, promote sustainable practices and develop the next generation of coffee. Tours are available in English and Spanish.

Price: $145 per person for 2 people. Email for pricing for groups of 3+ people.

Includes: private transportation only. Entrance tickets to Alsacia and lunch are not included in the price.

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