Walking tour with sloths, birds and trees in San Jose

You will begin your journey exploring the hidden ecosystem resting inside the campus of the first public university in the country, home to some of the largest patches of forest in San Jose and a wild sloth population.

On our first stop, we’ll look for resident and migratory birds, lots of incredible insects, and amazing flowers. Then, see the largest indigenous stone sphere in San Jose, crafted by the extinct Diquís culture. Lastly, visit the main campus to seek out the friendly sloths climbing freely.

This tour aims to change the way tourism is done in Costa Rica while supporting young scientists, researchers, and local entrepreneurs. Many times we will try some wild berries and smell all sorts of bark and flowers. We’ll be talking about art, history, indigenous culture, and most of all, nature. This is a full senses experience so you will get to see, touch, smell, taste, and listen to nature thriving amidst our country’s biggest city.

From May to November we recommend booking on the morning slot due to rainy afternoons, however, the afternoons are also great

DISCLAIMER: This is not a Rescue Center or Sloth Sanctuary Tour. You will not be able to touch them, if found, the sloths will be seen in their natural habitat, which means most of the time they will be sleeping on the trees. Still, this experience is your best option in San Jose if you’re a true nature lover.

Includes: entrance fee to the University natural reserves, professional biologist guide.

• Binoculars
• Hat and sunscreen
• Water
• Bug spray
• Closed shoes
• Umbrella or poncho from May to November

• Appropriate for all ages
• Non-wheelchair accessible
• DURATION: 2- 3 h
• 2 – 3 km walk

Starting at $50 per person without transportation. Also available to purchase with transportation for an additional charge.

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